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  • The cabman joyfully pocketed the sum , and turned back on his road to paris
  • Fitzharris . he has that cabman s shelter , they say , down there at butt bridge
    聽說他在巴特橋那兒經營著一座馬車夫棚141 。
  • One morning you would open the paper , the cabman affirmed , and read , return of parnell
  • As he passed through the depot proper the strain reached its climax and began to wane . all at once he was on the sidewalk , and none but cabmen hailed him
  • Suppose he were to pen something out of the common groove as he fully intended doing at the rate of one guinea per column , my experiences , let us say , in a cabman s shelter
  • John howard parnell example the provost of trinity every mother s son don t talk of your provosts and provost of trinity women and children , cabmen , priests , parsons , fieldmarshals , archbishops
    這里有約翰霍華德巴涅爾,比方說,還有三一學院院長,每一個母親的兒子。 201別提你們的院長們和三一學院院長。婦孺,馬車夫,神父,牧師,元帥,大主教。
  • Reminiscences of coincidences , truth stranger than fiction , preindicative of the result of the gold cup flat handicap , the official and definitive result of which he had read in the evening telegraph , late pink edition , in the cabman s shelter , at butt bridge
  • Mr bloom and stephen entered the cabman s shelter , an unpretentious wooden structure , where , prior to then , he had rarely , if ever , been before ; the former having previously whispered to the latter a few hints anent the keeper of it , said to be the once famous skin - the - goat , fitzharris , the invincible , though he wouldn t vouch for the actual facts , which quite possibly there was not one vestige of truth in
    布盧姆先生和斯蒂芬走進了馬車夫棚,那是一座簡陋的木結構房屋,以前他輕易下曾進去過。關于那里的老板-一那位一度以“剝山羊皮” 40聞名的,也就是說, “常勝軍”菲茨哈里斯-他事先悄悄地對斯蒂芬講了幾句。當然,老板本人并不承認確有其事,而且很可能完全是無稽之談。
  • Passepartout jumped off the box and followed his master , who , after paying the cabman , was about to enter the station , when a poor beggar - woman , with a child in her arms , her naked feet smeared with mud , her head covered with a wretched bonnet , from which hung a tattered feather , and her shoulders shrouded in a ragged shawl , approached , and mournfully asked for alms
  • The preparation of breakfast burnt offering : intestinal congestion and premeditative defecation holy of holies : the bath rite of john : the funeral rite of samuel : the advertisement of alexander keyes urim and thummin : the unsubstantial lunch rite of melchizedek : the visit to museum and national library holy place : the bookhunt along bedford row , merchants arch , wellington quay simchath torah : the music in the ormond hotel shira shirim : the altercation with a truculent troglodyte in bernard kiernan s premises holocaust : a blank period of time including a cardrive , a visit to a house of mourning , a leavetaking wilderness : the eroticism produced by feminine exhibitionism rite of onan : the prolonged delivery of mrs mina purefoy heave offering : the visit to the disorderly house of mrs bella cohen , 82 tyrone street , lower , and subsequent brawl and chance medley in beaver street armageddon : nocturnal perambulation to and from the cabman s shelter , butt bridge atonement
    準備早餐燔祭351 ,腸內裝滿以及預先想到的排便至圣所352 ,洗澡約翰的儀式353 ,葬禮撒姆耳的儀式354 ,亞歷山大凱斯的廣告火與真理355 ,不豐盛的午餐麥基洗德356 ,訪問博物館和國立圖書館神圣的地方357 ,沿著貝德福德路商賈拱廊358 ,韋林頓碼頭搜購書籍喜哉法典359 ,奧蒙德飯店里的音樂歌中之歌360 。在伯納德卡南的酒吧里與橫蠻無理的穴居人361吵嘴燔祭。包括一段空白時間:乘馬車到辦喪事的家362去以及一次訣別曠野363 。
  • His stephen s mind was not exactly what you would call wandering but a bit unsteady and on his expressed desire for some beverage to drink mr bloom , in view of the hour it was and there being no pumps of vartry water available for their ablutions , let alone drinking purposes , hit upon an expedient by suggesting , off the reel , the propriety of the cabman s shelter , as it was called , hardly a stonesthrow away near butt bridge , where they might hit upon some drinkables in the shape of a milk and soda or a mineral
  • Passepartout had seized his master by the collar , and was dragging him along with irresistible force . phileas fogg , thus kidnapped , without having time to think , left his house , jumped into a cab , promised a hundred pounds to the cabman , and , having run over two dogs and overturned five carriages , reached the reform club
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