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2019一头一尾中特料:用cable length造句

"cable length"是什么意思  
  • It is important for the cable length to be suitable for the depth of the hole concerned .
  • Measurement of fiber or cable length using an otdr
  • Otdr measurement of fiber or cable length using an otdr
  • Cable type : cable length l m
  • Cable length compensation
  • Camera cable length
  • Cable length meter
  • 12vdc car plug input and usb plug output . cable length : 22 in extendable to 4 ft
    12vdc汽車電壓輸入, usb輸出插口,接線長度22寸,可伸至4尺。
  • Alternative resistance ratings , rated temperatures , resistance tolerance and cable lengths available on request
  • Place the units in their intended mounting locations to check the cable length and monitor installation conditions
  • The problem is magnified with cable lengths over 1 meter in length . some equipment is less sensitive to this ; some very touchy
  • Based on the parabola and catenary theories , calculation formulas on the cable length are summarized , and the precision is discussed
  • And analyzed the resonance over - voltage with a typical power - distribution - net model , the result showed that cable length and load value could avoid the resonance over - voltage
  • After obtaining the whole loads we optimize cable tension by means of controlling cable length on the basis of influence matrix method . practical examples are presented to illustrate the process and efficiency of the method
  • The stripping cable length should comply with the design requirements ; after cable stripping , carefully examined whether fiber cable and cannola has injury or not , after inspect to be flawless before the installation of connector box
  • This paper presents three basic principles for the location of the equipment room . that is environment priority , the shortest cable length and the small ball adjustment principle , and it focuses on the shortest cable length principle
  • For example , power loss of approximately 3 % is expected between an individual service point and common feeding facilities where the measurement will be taken , although such loss is dependent upon the capacity and cable length of each system
    例如,雖然此類損耗取決于各系統的能力與電纜長度,但在單個應用點與公用進料設施(將在此處測量)之間的功率損耗預計大約為3 % 。
  • Above cable data for standard motors only , with cable length of 25 ' . data applicable through lengths of 100 ' . 140 frame motors with # 16 awg cord utilize single cable , ( 8 ) conductor , with power and control leads
    上列電纜參數僅適用于標準電機,長度為25英尺??商峁┑牡繢魯ざ茸畬笪?00英尺。符合# 16awg標準的140機架電機采用實用的單芯電纜, ( 8 )導線,配置電源和控制引線。
  • And more , the inverse kinematics model on this cable and cabin system is developed according to the kinematics theory of robot ; since the cable and cabin structure is a parallel mechanism instead of series system , both cable length and speed are required to be controlled
  • According to the problem in cable tension monitoring that the damper set on cable will reduce the accuracy of cable tension measurement , an updating method was advanced to identify the computational cable length through the theoretical cable tension . and then , the relatively reliable measured cable tension could be obtained
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